Kuchnia Marche


Matyi Street 2
Poznań, Poland


10% discount

Cuisine Marche is a well-known restaurant brand with delicious dinners. You can meet us by visiting the Avenida Shopping Center in the center of Poznań, near the railway station. The menu is full of flavors of Polish cuisine, but in a modern version, in which the creative genius of the chefs is clearly visible. Native cuisine is adjacent to well-known and popular propositions from different parts of the world. All dishes are prepared on a regular basis, from fresh products. You choose the dishes and put them on yourself and it's the best idea for dinner. Lunch or breakfast, not only for fans of native flavors, enchanted in pea soup, dumplings or pork chop, but also for fans of fit diet and vegetarian dishes. Be sure to try our unique flavors.