Food Fyrtel


Pleszewska Street 1
61-136 Poznań

+48 61 628 65 27

Imagine a place that changes as you do!

During the day, open to experiences, emanating creative energy, full of effortless freedom.

In the evenings, bustling with life, attracting people, inspiring people to take action. This is Food Fyrtel.

Embark on a culinary journey around the world, dance to concert rhythms and party in the neon light.
Let yourself be carried away by the extraordinary atmosphere!

Food Fyrtel is much more than a new place on the gastronomic and entertainment map of Posnania.

This place is full of life. Here, the urban atmosphere mixes with artistic style, diversity meets locality, and what is well-known intertwines with the need to experiment. It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration that drives us to action. Here, regardless of age, everyone will find something for themselves. Dishes from world cuisine, competitions of young talents, events, stand-ups, concerts, meetings, games, fun and more. You can't get bored in this place!