Drevny kocur


Św. Marcin 11 Street,
60-805 Poznań
phone +48 720 511 511


The only restaurant in Poland made famous by the unique Budweiser Budvar z Tanka, unpasteurized, naturally carbonated in the fermentation process. A classic lager with a delicate malt scent and a fresh, bitter taste.

Our beer is delivered especially for you straight from České Budějovice, home to the only national brewery in the Czech Republic and extraordinary people who have infected us with their passion.

For many years, we have been creating an atmospheric place located at Św. Marcin 11 in Poznań, where all Czech specialties are prepared on site. Drevny Kocur also organizes special events and broadcasts of matches, which are accompanied by a nice and unique atmosphere and unforgettable emotions. The place is filled with a wide range of alcohol, a large selection of Czech beers and tasty dishes prepared by our chefs who cook with passion and love for the Czech Republic.