Chłopskie Jadło



Fredry Street 12, Poznań
phone +48 725 100 525, +48 61 855 00 88

Dębiecka Street 1,
Shopping Center Factory Luboń
phone +48 725 100 235, + 48 61 651 26 20

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Chłopskie Jadło is a chain of restaurants serving Polish dishes prepared from fresh ingredients. The first store of this brand was opened in 1995 in Głogoczów near Kraków. Its success and recognition, which crossed the borders of Małopolska, gave rise to the entire network.

Other restaurants under the banner of Chłopskie Jadło were opened in Kraków, Warsaw, Poznań and Bielsko-Biała. In the kitchen of Chłopskie Jadło, the culinary tradition is combined with new trends in nutrition. The offer includes traditional Polish dishes, served in a lighter version, including juicy meats, soups, appetizers and hand-made dumplings. The interiors of the Chłopskie Jadło restaurant refer to the decor of country cottages. The leitmotif of the restaurant is a characteristic chanterelle and folk elements arranged in a modern way. Folk motifs and the best Polish culinary traditions were given a new form in Chłopskie Jadło, following the spirit of the times.