Burger King


BURGER KING Restaurant

Shopping Mall Avenida 
Stanisława Matyi Street2
phone +48 713 861 869


15% discount for any set with large fries


Get to know the taste of real beef grilled on the fire. Hot and juicy - just the way you like it. Enjoy your meal.
Some people cannot do without our burgers. We understand them. When it comes to freshness, let the experts speak. For example, our crispy lettuce. Or our onion, which we cut just before serving. Take a look at our employees - sometimes they still have tears in their eyes.

Freshness is not just a word. It is also a promise that we fulfill by serving each WHOPPER®. But we don't want to exalt ourselves. It is our fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, delicious onions and crispy cucumbers that make the bigger one