Blue Note


BLUE NOTE Poznań Jazz Club

CK Zamek (the building of Culture Center Zamek)
Kościuszki Str. 79
phone +48 61 657 07 77


15 % discount for tickets for concerts organized by the club

Blue Note Poznań is a music club, where music concerts such as: jazz, blues, soul, rock, flamenco or experimental music take place on a regular basis. Blue Note has come into existence in rooms, where for almost one hundred years there was a boiler room, heating the huge building of the Poznań castle.

This space has turned out to be perfect for a big music club, although its adjustment was quite a challenge and required a lot of courage. The club has started its operation in agreement with legendary New York Blue Note Club and until today it remains one of few such places in Poland, which on a regular basis organize concerts of world – famous stars of non – commercial music trends.

The club is open on concert days – one hour before planned beginning of an event. Detailed program is available on